Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amazon.com Partners with USPS for Next-Day Delivery Test

The Proof of Concept test with Amazon.com––postponed twice due to Hurricane Sandy––kicked-off on Saturday Nov. 17.
The new pilot program will leverage the Postal Service’s capabilities to process, scan and deliver packages on the day of receipt. The delivery test involves 454 large Post Offices on the East Coast––from Westchester NY to Richmond VA.––and will run through the holiday season.
“We anticipate receiving about 3.4 million packages from Amazon.com during this test,” said Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown. “We are very excited about this opportunity and fully expect to meet Amazon’s expectations of 100 percent scanning and on-time delivery rates.”

FDR Mailhandler Gardenia Joe scans one of thousands of packages
from Amazon.com during pilot program
Here’s how it works:
Customers go to Amazon.com and purchase items to be shipped for next day delivery. Amazon.com will process and presort their customers’ orders according to zip-codes. Amazon will transport pallets loaded with the packages overnight to designated Postal facilities where, that morning, employees will scan the items on arrival. Letter Carriers will then deliver the packages that same day, making sure to scan the packages on delivery.

“It’s early yet, but all indicators are that we are getting 100 percent scans, and delivery is on-time.” said Franklin D.Roosevelt Supv. Silas Burgess III.
“This is a big contract for us,” added FDR Mailhandler Gardenia Joe. “We all want to do the best job we can to make sure this test runs smoothly.”
 “I welcome the opportunity to be part of this test,” said 26-year Letter Carrier Scott Demarest.
“We need the revenue and this is a good time for the Postal Service to shine.”
 “This is a golden opportunity for the Postal Service to grow volume and increase revenue.” said Brown. “We are counting on every employee to embrace the challenge and do the best job possible to ensure 100 percent success.”

Phase 1 of the program will conclude on Dec.31. Packages will be delivered seven days a week until Christmas on city delivery routes.