Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be Green, Earn Green

The U.S. Postal Service, already recognized as an industry leader for its many award-winning environmental programs, now makes it possible for you to dispose of your electronic devices properly and make a few bucks as well.

The Postal Service is working with third party vendor MaxBack, a recycling company, who will pay you to send them your old electronic gadgets such as cell phones, PDAs and tablets. Just go to Recycle Through USPS and start a search for your device. If your item is eligible and you accept their quote, ship it for free by printing out a USPS Priority Mail label through the website. Once MaxBack receives and inspects the item, they'll send you the payment. It couldn't be any easier to be green and get some green too!

During the past decade the Postal Service has received many environmental awards, including:
  • Forty White House Closing the Circle awards for environmental stewardship.
  • Climate Gold Registered status from The Climate Registry for public reporting and reducing greenhouse gases by more than 5 percent (2011).
  • WasteWise Federal Government Partner of the Year award from the Environmental Protection Agency (2010).
  • Postal Technology International Environmental Achievement of the Year (2009).
Locally, the Morgan Processing & Distribution Plant boasts the largest green roof in New York City which saved USPS over $1 million dollars in heating and cooling costs in its first year.
The Postal Service’s fleet of alternative-fuel-capable vehicles is the largest fleet of its kind in the
world. Here in New York City, USPS utilizes 31 clean electric delivery trucks on a daily basis.

To learn more about the USPS's sustainability efforts Click Here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

And the Winner is...

And the awards just keep coming for the Greater New York Postal Customer Council (PCC).
New York District Manager William Schnaars proudly announced yesterday that the USPS 2012 Premier PCC Recognition Program awarded the Gold Level Certificate to the Greater NY PCC.
“This is one of the premier PCC’s in the country,” Schnaars said to the local chapter attending National PCC Day in New York City’s Alexander Hamilton Customs House. “We have won more awards than any other PCC––22 to be exact–– including PCC of the Year Award in 2008."

Greater NY PCC wins Gold Level Award

Big smile for Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker
But the awarding winning didn’t end there. NY District Marketing Manager Raschelle Parker was genuinely overcome when minutes later, it was announced she won the National PCC Person of the Year ––an award given to only one Postal person in the entire country.
“To be honored nationally is a real distinction for me as well as my District and our customers,” said a very happy Parker. “Exceptional customer service is what we strive for daily and when we are able to assist our customers in growing their knowledge about our services and products, we too––as an organization––are successful.”

USPS Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Executive VP Nagisa Manabe was guest speaker at the event and spoke to the audience about exciting new concepts being developed to add value to the mail. Northeast Area Customer Service Program Analyst Michelle Saracusa provided technical guidance about Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), and Marketing Consultant Peg North addressed trends in multi-cultural direct marketing and Business to Business (B2B).
The PCC brings together Postal and industry executives, local business people and mail related vendors to reach mutual business objectives. The NY PCC provides educational workshops and hosts monthly business meetings where participants can learn about the latest Postal information and resources, innovative marketing ideas, and tools to help grow the business. 
There are hundreds of local PCC chapters around the country and once a year National PCC Day is held to announce the top performers.
Beatrice Broadhurst of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was glad she attended National PCC Day. "I became a member so I could learn more about Postal regulations, meet new vendors and test the latest technologies," she said. "At events like this you get to do that all under one roof."

For more information about the Greater New York PCC Click HERE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Important Mailing Dates for the Holidays

(photo courtesy of USPS Headquarters)
USPS has released its suggested mail-by dates to help customers make sure their packages, cards and letters arrive in time for this year’s holiday season.
The first holiday mailing deadline is Nov. 13 for customers sending Parcel Post packages to APO and FPO addresses. Space Available Mail must be mailed by Nov. 26, regardless of the APO and FPO address.
Last-minute shoppers have until Dec. 22 — the deadline for Express Mail packages — to send mail in the U.S. But they would be wise to send their mail before the final deadline. “We suggest customers mail domestic and international holiday gifts early to beat the rush and avoid the lines,” said Raschelle Parker, Mgr. Retail & Marketing New York District.
Parker recommends using one of the Postal Service’s Priority Mail products. “The Priority Mail Flat Rate box is available in a variety of sizes and is always free,” she said.

The Postal Service recommends the following mail-by dates to ensure your items arrive on time: 

Military Service First Class Mail & Priority Mailing Dates
  • Dec.   3 — APO/FPO AE ZIP 093
  • Dec. 10 — APO/FPO AE 090-092, 094-098, 340, 962-966 (for EXPRESS SERVICE mail by Dec. 17)
International Mailing Dates for Priority & First Class Mail
  • Dec.   3 — Priority Mail (PMI)/First Class Mail (FCM) for Africa, and Central & South America
  • Dec. 10  — PMI/FCM for Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia/New Zealand, FCM for Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and Middle East
  • Dec. 13 — PMI for Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East
International Mailing Dates for Express Mail (EMS) & Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)
  • Dec. 11 —EMS for Africa, Central & South America
  • Dec. 15 —EMS for Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia/New Zealand, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Middle East
  • Dec.17 —EMS for Canada
  • Dec.18 —GXG for Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia/New Zealand
  • Dec.19 —GXG for Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East
  • Dec.20 —GXG for Canada, Mexico
Domestic Mailing Dates 
  • Dec. 20 — First-Class Mail and Priority Mail
  • Dec. 22 — Express Mail

Friday, September 14, 2012

Triborough's Turn to Host the Cup

The travelling New York Postmaster’s Cup has landed and settled in at Triborough Station.
The polished over-sized cup is awarded to the station that posts the highest increase in revenue over SPLY (Same-Period-Last-Year) and the best average WTIL (Wait-Time-In-Line) during the course of the full fiscal quarter. Triborough, who won the cup for quarter3, will hold on to it until it’s determined which station earns it in quarter4.

Retail Associates hoist the Manhattan PM Cup at Triborough Station
L to R: Manhattan PM Robert Brown, Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker, Mgr. Richard Thompson, SSAs Jacqueline Eaton, Pedro Ramos, Earline McWillis, Carla Robinson, Anika Hibbert, Hector Rios, Supv. Donna Green, Mgr. Ronald Hart,  (not pictured Loretta Pratcher)

“No one has ever won the cup two quarters in a row,” cautioned Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown at the Cup presentation held in Triborough Station’s lobby. “Could Triborough be the first?”
“Our employees are very proud of earning the Cup,” said Mgr. Richard Thompson. “We have a strategy in place to keep it here for the next quarter too. We'll push PO box rentals, keep customers informed of our services, and promote ready post products and gift cards.”
Supervisor Donna Green, who was just reassigned to Lenox Hill Station, said she is very proud of the Retail Associates at Triborough. “They provide excellent service on a daily basis,” she said, before adding “But now that I’m going to Lenox Hill, we are going to steal that cup from them next quarter, just wait.”
To which Mgr. Thompson replied, “Well, we’ll just have to see about that won’t we.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming to a Post Office Near You

September 18th is Passport Day in the New York District.  For a quick and convenient process please bring the following to a participating Post Office of your choice.
  • Completed U.S. Passport application (not signed)-applicants under 16 years old must have parents present
  • Evidence of U.S. citizenship (original documents)
  • Photo Identification (with expiration date)-must also have photo copy of ID- front and back

Please visit prior to coming to the Post Office to download forms and get additional information.

The following NY District stations are participating in this month's Passport Day Event

Bronx                                                                   Manhattan                                                  

Baychester PO-10469                                           Ansonia PO-10023
BX GPO- 10451                                                     Audubon PO-10032 
Hunts Point PO-10474                                          Cathedral PO-10025
Kingsbridge PO-10463                                          Cherokee PO-10021
Parkchester PO-10462                                         Church Street PO-10007
Riverdale PO-10471                                              Fort George PO-10040
West Farms PO-10460                                         Franklin D. Roosevelt PO-10022
Westchester PO-10461                                        Gracie PO-10028
Woodlawn PO-10470                                            Grand Central PO-10017
                                                                               Greeley Square PO-10001
                                                                               Inwood PO-10034
               James A. Farley PO-10001
               Lenox Hill PO-10021
               Lincolnton PO-10037
               Madison Square PO-10010
               Manhattanville PO-10027
               Midtown PO-10018
               Old Chelsea PO-10011
               Planetarium PO-10024
               Radio City PO-10019
               Rockefeller PO-10020
               Roosevelt Island PO-10044
               Times Square PO-10036
               Village PO-10014
               Washington Bridge PO-10033
               Yorkville PO-10128

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

Freedom Tower rising to take its rightful place in the New York skyline
It was eleven years ago today that Americans suffered through one of the darkest days in our history when airplanes commandeered by terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and the field in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people died that day, and countless more still live with the emotional and physical scars triggered by the deadliest attack ever launched on American soil. 
As we reflect in our own personal way about the events that transpired that day, our heartfelt thanks goes to the men and women who selflessly came to the aid of their fellow Americans. The acts of bravery performed that day by the first responders, Postal Service employees and every day citizens inspired us to pick up the pieces, rebuild our lives and carry on with a renewed vigor for the American way of life.
The construction of the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site is almost complete. It will rise to 90 stories and be the tallest building in the western hemisphere­­––a fitting symbol of America's collective strength, determination and unity.

Monday, September 10, 2012

USPS Delivers Votes

Bronx Democrat Luis Sepulveda has turned to the U.S. Postal Service to help him win the race for Assembly in the 87th District.
With the election just a few days away (Sept. 13), Sepulveda decided to blanket the 10460, 10462 and 10473 zip codes with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) flyers in hopes of swaying the community to vote for him.
Not only are Sepulveda’s flyers the first political mail pieces in the Bronx to use EDDM service, they’re also the first political mail pieces to incorporate QR scan codes in the design: one QR code takes the end user to a campaign contribution web site, the other to a video that highlights his accomplishments to the community.

Holding EDDM flyers in front of Luis Sepulveda's Headquarters in the Bronx
L to R: Blvd Mgr. Carlos Lagares, BX PM Elvin Mercado, Assembly Candidate Luis Sepulveda, BX Area C Mgr. Ivonne Warden, BSS Adrian R. Allen
Front of candidate's EDDM mail piece.
QR codes are marked by red star burst.

Sepulveda learned about EDDM through a chance meeting with Boulevard Station Manager Carlos Lagares.
“I was at my son’s Little League Baseball game when I saw Mr. Sepulveda posing for pictures with the team,” recalled Lagares. “So I went over to introduce myself and eventually the conversation turned to EDDM.”
Lagares followed through and contacted Business Solutions Specialist Adriane R. Allen who subsequently met with Sepulveda’s campaign team and sold them on the service.
“We explained how for just 14.5 cents apiece, EDDM flyers will be delivered to every residential address in whatever zip code(s) they choose,” said Allen. “And they really liked that there are no permit fees to pay.”
“EDDM is proving invaluable in my efforts to get elected,” said Sepulveda. “Our first mailing was delivered just 24 hours after we dropped the bundles off at the station. It really works.”
“Carlos Lagares does a great job at promoting EDDM to our customers,” added Area C Manager Ivonne Warden. “Sepulveda’s district is not even in our Hub, but that doesn’t stop Carlos from looking into every opportunity to sell our products and services,” she smiled.
“This sale shows how diverse EDDM can be,” said Bronx Postmaster Elvin Mercado. “It’s not just for menus or advertising new businesses. From political campaigns to finding lost puppies, EDDM is changing the landscape of the direct mail industry.”
“We will be using this service for the next 20 years,” smiled Sepulveda.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Deputy Postmaster General Visits the Big Apple

Deputy Postmaster General (DPMG) Ronald A. Stroman received a very warm welcome from employees working at the James A. Farley Station last week. Stroman, accompanied by the New York District Leadership team, toured the Carrier Section, the Retail Operations and the famous land marked lobby that stretches along 8th Avenue from 31st street to 33rd street. Afterwards, District employees, being New Yorkers, had plenty to say.

Deputy Postmaster General Ronald A. Stroman greets employees at JAF during visit to New York District

“It was wonderful that Headquarters and the District leadership visited the carrier team,” said CSC JAF Catherine Spears-Susswell. “Their interaction was a real morale booster, and sharing a positive message about all that they are doing to move us into the future means a lot to the employees.”
 "I asked the Deputy PMG a question about negotiations because it is important to me," said JAF Letter Carrier Eddie Pate. "I was satisfied with the answer; it at least it let me know management is in my corner and doing what they can for my future.”

 “The APC (Automated Postal Center) is a big part of the type of service customers are looking for,” said JAF Lobby Director Alberto “Al” Vargas. “They love self-service. It makes sense to give customers what they want. I have an idea, so if the company uses it, remember that I said it first,” he laughed. “Customers want to be able to send newspapers and educational materials through the APC and get the best postage rate at the same time, so I believe we should offer Media mail as an option at our APC’s”.

 “I’m working at JAF for 20 years and although I work behind the scenes, I contribute to the customer experience every day by making service better from within,” smiled Distribution Associate Lucy Penaloza.  “I want the work I do to mean something to the organization I love.”

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Radio City Team Prevents Debit Card Scam

Thanks to a quick thinking craft employee and supervisor, a potential Postal money order swindle at Radio City Station was averted and the alleged perpetrators were apprehended through a collaborative effort between the US. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and the NYPD.

In this particular incident, a customer walked into the station very early in the morning and asked to buy a money order with their debit card for just under the maximum of $3000. The Sales & Service Associate (who did not want to be identified for this article) became suspicious, called upstairs to her Supervisor Mark Goodseit, and used the code phrase, “open the store”––which alerted him to the possibility of a debit card scam in progress. Goodseit immediately contacted the Postal Inspection Service who in turn notified the New York Police Department.

 “By the time I got downstairs to the lobby, the Police were already there and had apprehended what turned out to be three suspects,” said Goodseit.
“Debit card scams are an on-going problem for us city-wide,” said TSPO Paul Sciuto. “But thanks to the vigilance of our Sales Associates, we were able to prevent this scam from getting done.”
“While Postal Inspectors are ever vigilant in combating these types of crimes, it takes a team effort,” said USPIS Public Information Officer Donna Harris. “And this is a great example of what can happen when everyone works together to stop thieves from abusing the mail system.”

Sales & Service Associates are trained to look for typical debit card transaction “red flags”­­ like; customers using debit cards to purchase money orders for just under the $3000 maximum, and/or customers who want to use these debit cards early in the morning before the banks are open––minimizing the possibility of a background check. (Note: Credit cards are not accepted for purchase of money orders.) 
“We have service talks about how to detect possible scams,” added Goodseit. “We use different codes to alert each other. After what happened to the last three scammers here, I think they’ll think twice before they try to pull another scam at Radio City Station.”