Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New York Beats Philly - Edwards Top-Seller in District

L to R: Supv. Toni Parkinson, SSA Cynthia Edwards,
winner of 2012 Holiday Gift Card Contest
In a friendly but intense competition between the two Districts, New York beat Philadelphia Metro in a cross-city Holiday Gift Card contest by selling 2,828 American Express Gift Cards compared to a mere 1,412 sold by the "City of Brotherly Love."
The top selling retail office in the New York City was Grand Central, which sold 322 gift cards, while the top selling Sales & Service Associate (SSA) was Rockefeller Center’s Cynthia Edwards––with 100 gift card transactions.
Edwards’ efforts helped Rockefeller Center sell a total of 175 gift cards; good enough for third place over-all in the District. 
James A. Farley Post Office came in second with 260.
“I kept asking my Supervisor how I was doing with card sales,” said Edwards, who is a 40+  year Postal veteran. “I was very excited about winning the contest.”
“I told Cynthia that she was in the running, but I didn’t want her to get her hopes up, so I told her she needed to sell more,” laughed Supervisor Toni Parkinson.

American Express Gift Cards are prominently displayed on counter tops in most retail offices in the District. They can be purchased in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. Standard activation fees apply.
By selling more than 2800 gift cards, New York District nearly doubled their targeted goal of 1500 units, said Marketing Manager Raschelle Parker.

“I was thrilled to learn I outsold every SSA in New York” said Edwards, who will receive a $25 American Express Gift Card. “I tell all my customers that buying these gift cards is better than shopping; one size fits all, and they don’t expire. The contest may be over,” she continued, “but I’m still selling. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, whatever the occasion, they make great gifts.”