Monday, December 31, 2012

Collection Boxes Removed for Times Square Celebration

Times Square, New York City, during annual New Year's Eve celebration
 As the estimated one million revelers congregate in Times Square tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve, an elite group of U. S. Postal Service employees can take satisfaction in knowing they help keep everyone safe.

L to R: SMO Orlando Lozada, Maint. Mechanics John Carmitchel,
Harvey Josephowitz, Darrlye White 
In conjunction with the NYPD and the Manhattan Centralized Collection Unit, technicians from the New York District’s Central Maintenance Service (CMS) removed 13 collection boxes from the “crossroads of the world”––an area that stretches from 40th street to 48th street along both 7th Avenue and Broadway.
“Unfortunately, collection boxes make a great depository for other things beside mail, like explosives,” said Supv. Maintenance Operations Orlando Lozada. “So whenever there is an event in the city where they expect a lot of people, we remove or sometimes seal the boxes for the safety of the public.”

“We removed them on December 26th,” said Maintenance Mechanic Darrlye White. “We drill out the bolts that fasten the boxes to the sidewalk and cart them away to Morgan. We will put them all back on January 2nd.”
Securing collection boxes for New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a high profile task, but the 83 employees in CMS are also responsible for maintaining and repairing air-conditioning and heating units throughout the New York District, as well as carpentry, plumbing, painting, welding and Letter Carrier cart repairs.
“Plus, we repair collection boxes that get hit by motor vehicles, on an almost daily basis,” added Lozada.

Deep in the sub-basement of Morgan P&DC, White takes inventory of how many expansion bolts he will need to re-fasten the collection boxes to their rightful place on the streets of New York.
“Movie shoots, parades, rallies, concerts, there are so many events in this city where we need to temporarily remove collection boxes,” said White. “It’s seems like a simple thing, but it’s a very important job.”
“With the way things have been in the news lately, it’s a great feeling to know that in our own little way we can contribute to the safety of our fellow New Yorkers,” said Lozada. “We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.”  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Times Square Takes the Cup

Times Square station earned the Manhattan Postmaster's Cup for Excellence in Retail after posting the biggest increase in revenue over SPLY (Same Period Last Year) and the highest scores in Retail Customer Experience (RCE) in Quarter 4 FY '12.

L to R: Area Mgr. Ron Hart, NY PM Robert Brown, SSAs Jacqueline Goodwin, Debra Caldwell, Winston Campbell, Cheryl Vogel, Che-Kia Batts, Rose Lui, Station Mgr. Anthony Carlo, Supv. Valerie Vahamonde

Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown and Area Manager Ronald Hart presented the retail staff with the grandiose travelling Cup, and immediately challenged them.
"Not one station has been able to repeat this achievement and hang on to the Cup for longer than one quarter," said Brown. "You have done a phenomenal job at generating revenue by up-selling and keep the lines moving along swiftly. So now let's see if you can do it for two quarters in a row."
"We accept the challenge and will make every effort to repeat our success next quarter," predicted Station Manager Anthony Carlo.
"We have a great staff that works hard as a team," said Supv. Valerie Vahamonde. "Our priority is our customers, but receiving this cup is a very nice accomplishment for the staff."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Received Yet Another Ugly Sweater for Christmas?

With an estimated one third of all gifts expected to be sent back, the U.S. Postal Service makes returns shipping easy and convenient by offering a lineup of options that fit the needs of both consumers and merchants.
USPS Returns include Priority Mail Return Service, First-Class Package Return Service, and Ground Return Service. These services include tracking on each package and offer simplified payments for larger shippers.
If the merchant didn't include a prepaid return label with the order, the Postal Service offers a convenient way to return those unwanted gifts. Consumers can go to Click-N-Ship online at to print a label — Delivery Confirmation is included at no additional charge for Priority Mail — and schedule a free package pickup. 

On January 27, 2013, USPS will introduce Parcel Return Service-Full Network for high-volume shippers. It will offer the benefits of free tracking, simplified payment, and flexible label printing options.
For more information on returns, visit

Friday, December 21, 2012

Creative NY Employees Share Holiday Greetings

Mail Clerk Frank Rodriquez photo-shopped these images of the iconic James A. Farley Post Office and many of its employees wishing everyone a joyful holiday season.

Madison Square Letter Carrier Ivan Ramos exemplifies the spirit of New York District employees during holiday season while on his route.

It’s that time of the year
And I’m sure there’s no doubt
That once again old St Nick
Will need us to bail him out

So we’ll line up the tractors
And fill them with fuel
Load all of the packages
And be ready for the Yule

TTO (Tractor Trailer Operaters) Elves will be dressed
They’ll be ready to go
They won’t miss a house
No matter how much it snows

To the children’s delight
They will bring lots of toys
To the parent’s delight
There will be much joy

Then the trucks will drive off
Disappear into the night
Thank you TTO Elves
For making Christmas bright

Then back to the Post Office
To corral all the “sleighs”
For the TTO Elves
This was a great day

Make this Christmas special. Buy your kids an extra toy. Take a day off from work to spend with them. Hold them a little closer. Life is too short to talk about what you should have done when you had the chance. Be grateful you’re not one of the 20 families planning a funeral this Christmas.

“Supervisor Sandy”

Sandra Gershenson 
Supv. Transportation Operations

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outward Bound School's Symbolic March to Post Office

As a group of 100 enthusiastic high school seniors from nearby James Baldwin Expeditionary School marched towards Old Chelsea Post Office in Manhattan, Finance Supv. Raymond Mapps said, “The U.S. Postal Service is always happy to contribute to the community in a meaningful way––especially when it supports the education of our youth.”
A member of the NYC Outward Bound Schools Network, the James Baldwin was one of many schools throughout the city that staged the symbolic march to their local Post Office to mail out their college applications–on time.
New York District Post Offices hosted two additional “Student Marches” at Washington Bridge (10033) and Tremont (10457). More "Marches" were held in Triboro District Post Offices.

Seniors gather outside of Old Chelsea Post Office on West 18th Street in Manhattan

Seniors wave school pennants and college applications in the Old Chelsea lobby

Seniors form line to drop college applications into mail slot
NYC Outward Bound Schools operates a growing network of Expeditionary Learning schools in partnership with the NYC Department of Education. These college-preparatory schools bring demanding academics, community and character to NYC public schools in all five boroughs, ensuring that all students, regardless of background, are challenged and supported to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Tamara Oliveras, who hopes to attend Northeastern University and wants to be a neurosurgeon, said she was very excited and grateful for the opportunity the school provided her.
Joseph Alvarez wants to major in Psychology at Temple University, and said that thanks to the school, he has the confidence to know he can achieve his goals.

Inside the Old Chelsea Post Office, School Principle Christine Olsen addressed the proud seniors and thanked the Postal Service for their support.
“Today throughout the five boroughs, 600 Outward Bound students are marching to their local Post Office to mail out their college applications,” said Olsen to the pennant waving assembly. “You are role models for the students coming up behind you.”
 “This school makes me feel at home,” said Luis Espinal, who intends to attend Lafayette College. “We all care for and support each other.”
“It’s been an emotional day,” added Alyssa Pimentel, who wants to study at Barnard College. “The students, the teachers and staff, helped bring me out of my shell.”

A resounding 93 percent of graduates from NYC Outward Bound School Network were accepted to college.
NYC Outward Bound Schools has served over 55,000 young people since 1987.   

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unique Post Office Box Established for Families Affected by Newtown Tragedy

The U.S. Postal Service has established a unique Post Office Box to allow employees and the public to send condolences to those affected by the tragedy in Newtown, CT, last week.

Those who wish to send expressions of comfort should address them to:

Messages of Condolence for Newtown
PO Box 3700
Newtown CT 06470

After visiting the Newtown Post Office, Connecticut District Manager Kimberly J. Peters said, “We understand that there is an outpouring of support for everyone in the Newtown area and we hope to make it easier for those who wish to send encouragement and messages of compassion to those affected. Having a central address will make it easier to isolate this mail for efficient distribution."

Busiest Mailing Day in New York

With an estimated 2.7 million originating letters and cards and 700,000 international letters and cards being mailed in the New York District yesterday, an army of managers and supervisors went to busy Post Offices throughout the city to provide lobby support on the busiest mailing day of the year.

Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown helps customer at the JAF Post Office

Bronx Postmaster Elvin Mercado assists customer at Bronx GPO
Manager Francisco Gutierrez gives customer packaging options at
Williamsbridge Post Office in the Bronx
 “One week before Christmas is designated as the busiest mailing day because that’s when people start feeling the pressure to mail out their cards, letters and packages,” said Bronx Postmaster Elvin Mercado as he assisted customers on line at Bronx GPO. “Thursday is probably the last day to send First Class mail and expect it to arrive to its destination by Christmas. After that, you should use Priority Mail or Express Mail.”

Business Development Specialist Wilma Rivera patrols the line at
Planetarium Post Office in Manhattan

“We want the customer experience to be especially positive during the holiday season, so we gave about 20 of our managers a refresher course on our products and services and assigned them to busy Post Offices around the city on the busiest mailing day to help alleviate the crush,” said Marketing Manager Raschelle Parker.
Additionally, according to Operations Program Specialist Khandokar M. Ali , a projected 2,561,614 packages will be mailed the week of Dec. 17-23.
“Yesterday was a very busy day in the lobbies ,” said Manhattan PM Robert Brown.  “Our employees all worked  hard to provide an positive experience and the customers I talked to were pleased with the service they received.”
Nationally, an estimated 658 million pieces of mail were mailed out yesterday, Dec. 17.

Mgr. Mavis Smith and TSPO Valerie Donald attend to the lines at JAF

Monday, December 10, 2012

TSP InstitutesTemporary Change for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, administrator of the Thrift Savings Program (TSP), has made temporary changes in the financial hardship withdrawal rules for employees affected by Hurricane Sandy.
For a limited time, TSP participants can make hardship withdrawals either for themselves or for their family members.
Also, TSP is waiving its rule barring contributions for a 6-month period following a hardship withdrawal, allowing participants to more quickly restore their savings.
To qualify for a hardship withdrawal, participants must meet the following criteria:
  • The participant’s primary residence or place of employment must be in a covered disaster area.
  • The loss must have been a result of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Participant’s hardship withdrawal request will be used for themselves or to assist an eligible family member who lives or works in a covered disaster area and incurred a loss as a result of Hurricane Sandy.
  • The participant must be a federal employee.
  • The participant must write “Hurricane Sandy” on the top of page 1 of Form TSP-76.
  • The participant must check the “Personal Casualty” box on page 2 of the request form, as the reason for requesting financial hardship.
  • The participant request must be received by Jan. 25, 2013. The distribution must occur before Feb. 1, 2013. 
Participants who want to stop making TSP contributions must complete Form TSP-1, Election Form, or use the applicable automated system.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

100th Anniversary of Operation Santa Claus in NYC

Santa makes surprise visit at the 100th Anniversary of "Op Santa" program held at James A. Farley Post Office in NYC
It was only fitting that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was on hand to kick-off the 100th anniversary of the Letters To Santa program at the James A. Farley Post Office in New York- a campaign that has helped fulfill holiday wishes of children and their families from around the world.

Over a century ago NY Postal Clerks from the Money Order Division, touched by letters addressed to Santa, dug into their own pockets to purchase food and toys to distribute to needy children in the area.
The public response was so positive, that in 1912, Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized local postmasters to allow Postal employees and citizens to adopt to the letters, and the program became officially recognized as “Letters to Santa” — except here in New York, where it’s called “Operation Santa.”

"The Letters to Santa program has made dreams come true for those in need for 100 years," said Donahoe to the crush of school children, Postal officials, media and the general public. "This is a time to celebrate how Postal employees, charitable organizations, businesses and others have made a difference in the lives of children coast to coast."

"I can tell you that amazing things happen during this time of year, and many wishes and dreams are fulfilled right here, at Operation Santa New York," said Pete Fontana, CEO of the Postal Holidays, and Chief Elf Operating Officer for Operation Santa.
 "So if you are so inclined to help Santa out this year, the program opens to the public beginning tomorrow Dec 5th, and runs through December 24th.You are all invited to come by, read some letters, and if one touches your heart you can help us deliver dreams."

Children from PS-33, who entertained the assembly with Christmas carols before the event started, received some early holiday cheer when Santa Claus stopped in and gave each child a bag filled with goodies.

New York’s Operation Santa program is the largest in the country, receiving more than half-million letters a season. Every Christmas, tens of thousands of people come to James A. Farley Post Office to adopt a letter.

PMG Patrick Donahoe commends Chief Elf Operating Officer Pete Fontana for coordinating "Op Santa" program every year in New York

PS-33 School Children sing carols prior to kick-off

SCS Lynne Watson-Miyamoto sings National Anthem

Operation Santa

Hours & Dates at James A. Farley Post Office
421 8th Avenue New York NY 10199

Dec. 5-24, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday- 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Thursday- 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Closed on Sunday

For more information call 212-330-3000

See video of Letters to Santa on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Tuesday, December 18 and Dec. 25 at 9 pm on Time Warner Cable channel 56, RCN ch. 83 or Verizon FiOS ch. 34.  It will stream live at that time on
It can also be watched on the youtube link below.

Check out the new USPS Holiday Blog Here

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday By The Numbers

The U.S. Postal Service continues as a $65 billion company serving more than 150 million American homes, businesses and PO Boxes in every state, city, town and borough in the country- delivering nearly 40 percent of the world’s mail.
As the holiday season shifts into high gear, consider these numbers next time someone tells you USPS isn't a vital part of America's infrastructure anymore. 

237 –            Number of years USPS has been delivering holiday cheer
17.9 billion-  Amount of cards, letters and packages delivered between Thanksgiving and                                New Year’s Eve 2012
658 million-  Number of pieces of mail processed on Dec. 17, the busiest mailing day of  
528 million-  Average number of pieces of mail processed daily
560 million-  Average number of pieces processed daily during the holidays
29.5 million- In pounds, the amount of mail USPS will process for overseas military 
170,000-       Number of vehicles used to transport holiday mail
2.5 billion-    Amount of holiday stamps USPS has available this year
242 million-  Number of customers who visit a Post Office during the holidays
34 percent-  Percentage increase of air cargo lift of mail by USPS during the holidays
37 million-    Customer visits to during the holidays

Important Mail-by-Dates

                    Dec. 3- Priority Mail International
                        Dec. 11- Express Mail International
Dec. 14- Parcel Post
       Dec. 20- First-Class Mail
Dec. 21- Priority Mail
  Dec. 22- Express Mail 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Percent Connection

Congratulations to Cathedral and Hamilton Grange Stations for reaching and surpassing 100 percent participation in the Customer Connect program for Quarter 3.

Hamilton Grange Letter Carriers submitted enough Customer Connect leads to meet their target goal and achieve 100 percent participation.
Cathedral Letter Carriers submitted more Customer Connect leads than their target goal and therefore achieved a 146 percent participation score.

(Foreground L to R): Branch 36 CCC David Velazquez, BDS Wilma Rivera, Manhattan PM Robert Brown, Station CCC John Rodriquez, and Mgr. Colin Craigwell present Cathedral Letter Carriers Certificate 

(From Left to Right) Manhattan Postmaster presents Mgr. Richard Thompson, Supv. Maureen Best and Cathedral Station Letter Carriers with Certificate. Station CCC Tracey Diamond holds Certificate. Branch 36 CCC David Velazquez (Far Right) and BDS Wilma Rivera (3rd from right) made presentation   

“We wanted to show our appreciation to all the Letter Carriers who did their part in submitting Customer Connect leads and help increase revenue,” said Business Development Specialist (BDS) Wilma Rivera as she and Branch 36 Customer Connect Coordinator (CCC) David Velazquez presented the stations with a Certificate.
“As more and more stations meet their participation goals, David and I will be there to recognize them.”

The Customer Connect program encourages Letter Carriers to leverage their relationship with customers by identifying new business opportunities and obtaining customer concurrence to meet with a sales representative. To find out more about the Customer Connect program Click HERE

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ansonia Letter Carriers make the Connection

Ansonia Letter Carriers Anibal Nunez, Wil Maymi and Brenda Marshall were recognized for submitting Customer Connect leads that generated $24,457 in new revenue for the Postal Service.
“Lead generation is one of the most important ways the Postal Service builds business,” told Business Development Specialist Wilma Rivera to the employees assembled on the work floor. “Your participation in this program is contributing positively to the financial well-being of the Postal Service.”

Nunez, Maymi and Marshall were each presented with a Letter of Appreciation signed by New York District Manager William J. Schnaars and National Business Agent Larry Cirelli. They were also given a bag full of goodies.

L to R:  Branch 36 CCC David Velazquez, Mgr. Maria Martinez, Ansonia CCC Brenda Edwards, Letter Carriers Wil Maymi, Brenda Marshall, Anibal Nunez, BDS Wilma Rivera

“Submitting a lead is easy,” said Branch 36 Customer Connect Coordinator (CCC) David Velazquez.
“When a Carrier sees a new business open on his route, hand that customer a Business Welcome Kit. Explain how the Postal Service can help them grow their business. Have them fill out a lead card and bring it back to the station. A sales representative will then contact the customer promptly. It’s that simple.”
“Not only does submitting a lead help the Postal Service grow revenue, but it helps the small businesses in the community too, because our services cost less than our competitors,” said Marshall.
“It’s not only part of the job, it feels good to be able to do your part to help the company grow,” added Maymi.
 “We recognize every Letter Carrier who submits a lead that results in a sale,” said Rivera. “We want them to know that we appreciate the hard work they do every day.” 
“I try to bring in new revenue all the time,” smiled Maymi. “I want to keep working here for a long time.”

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Partners with USPS for Next-Day Delivery Test

The Proof of Concept test with––postponed twice due to Hurricane Sandy––kicked-off on Saturday Nov. 17.
The new pilot program will leverage the Postal Service’s capabilities to process, scan and deliver packages on the day of receipt. The delivery test involves 454 large Post Offices on the East Coast––from Westchester NY to Richmond VA.––and will run through the holiday season.
“We anticipate receiving about 3.4 million packages from during this test,” said Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown. “We are very excited about this opportunity and fully expect to meet Amazon’s expectations of 100 percent scanning and on-time delivery rates.”

FDR Mailhandler Gardenia Joe scans one of thousands of packages
from during pilot program
Here’s how it works:
Customers go to and purchase items to be shipped for next day delivery. will process and presort their customers’ orders according to zip-codes. Amazon will transport pallets loaded with the packages overnight to designated Postal facilities where, that morning, employees will scan the items on arrival. Letter Carriers will then deliver the packages that same day, making sure to scan the packages on delivery.

“It’s early yet, but all indicators are that we are getting 100 percent scans, and delivery is on-time.” said Franklin D.Roosevelt Supv. Silas Burgess III.
“This is a big contract for us,” added FDR Mailhandler Gardenia Joe. “We all want to do the best job we can to make sure this test runs smoothly.”
 “I welcome the opportunity to be part of this test,” said 26-year Letter Carrier Scott Demarest.
“We need the revenue and this is a good time for the Postal Service to shine.”
 “This is a golden opportunity for the Postal Service to grow volume and increase revenue.” said Brown. “We are counting on every employee to embrace the challenge and do the best job possible to ensure 100 percent success.”

Phase 1 of the program will conclude on Dec.31. Packages will be delivered seven days a week until Christmas on city delivery routes. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Relief for Rockaway Residents

Employees from Gracie Post Office joined firefighters from NYC’s Firehouse Engine 22, Hook and Ladder 13, and local businesses to collect much needed supplies for residents of Rockaway Queens, who were hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.
Firefighter Dave Guilford knew that St. Francis Church in Rockaway would be able to distribute the supplies throughout the affected area if he could coordinate a relief drive in his Upper East Side neighborhood––so he asked Grace Station Manager James Warden for assistance.
“Postal employees Woodley Moy and George DiBartola and I were happy to help,” said Warden. “The relief drive took place on Friday Nov. 3 and went on for three days. We set up a makeshift command center along the exterior wall of the Post Office and provided them with recycled cardboard boxes. We loaned them post cons, and flat and letter trays to help them load the supplies. Whatever needed to be done, my crew was more than happy to help.”

Grace Mgr. James Warden (center frame) helps supervise relief effort with FDNY
Upper East Side community comes together to donate, collect, organize
 and ship supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy in Rockaway Queens  

Local moving companies and even a lumber yard volunteered their trucks into service and employees from a local pub helped Warden, Moy and DiBartola label, package and load seven truckloads worth of supplies and essentials.
Gracie Station on E. 95th Street acts as make-shift Command Center
for relief effort
“The response from the community was overwhelming,” smiled Warden. “It was great to see everybody come together like that, and people were very appreciative of the Postal Service.  If we helped make just one victim of this hurricane a little more comfortable,” remarked Warden, “then it was all worth it.”

During Veterans’ Day weekend, the Better Angels of Our Human Nature—a charitable organization founded by Postal employees from FDR station— joined in the second relief drive held in the neighborhood.
FDR Letter Carrier Ernie Twomley helps load supplies
heading to residents of Far Rockaway, Queens
“I was so impressed with how everybody stepped up and spent thousands of dollars to donate things like heating equipment, diapers, food, cleaning materials,” said Maintenance Supv. Don Daggett, who estimated the second relief drive filled up five truckloads worth of supplies.
If you would like to help Firefighter Guilford's relief drive for victims of Hurricane Sandy,log on to Facebook and type EUS Drop off

Do you know of a positive story that involved the Postal community during or after Hurricane Sandy? Submit it Here

USPS employees, FDNY and Upper East Side community organize
second relief drive for residents hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 9, 2012

Military Vets Commemorated with Hall of Honor

The New York District re-established a time honored tradition by conducting the inaugural Veterans Day Commemorative Program in the new “Hall of Honor Memorial Rotunda” at the landmark James A. Farley (JAF) Post Office in Manhattan.

Postal Veterans gather around  commemorative plaque at the inaugural "Hall of Honor Memorial Rotunda" ceremony in James A. Farley Post Office
Congressman Jose Serrano joined NY District Manager William J. Schnaars, Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown, Bronx Postmaster Elvin Mercado, Mgr. of Maintenance James Hardy and Supv. Maintenance Omorede Rainey in unveiling a new commemorative plaque honoring all Postal Veterans - which will complement the beautiful bronze plaques already in place remembering Postal Veterans from World War I and II.

Congressman Jose Serrano with Maintenance Supv. Isaih Perry
“This inauguration establishes a proud tradition that will continue in the future,” said Schnaars in front of a full house in the rotunda. “Our new Veterans Memorial will be a powerful reminder to all who enter the Farley Post Office.  Passersby will pause to remember the men and women who selflessly served this country to protect freedom throughout the world, as well as the families who wait here at home with grace, dignity and hope.”
Veterans Mike Arribito and Diana Antonetty chat with
 Cong. Serrano at event
“For more than 237 years, the Postal Service has been one of the nation’s largest employees of veterans,” stated Hardy. “Nearly 20 percent of our Postal work force has worn their military uniform with pride. Right here in the New York District, our veterans’ workforce is approximately 1,050 strong.”

Congressman Serrano, who is also a U.S. Army veteran, said it was fitting that the Postal Service commemorate Veterans Day in New York.
“The U.S. Postal Service is a vibrant part of our community,” he said. “What better place to honor the sacrifices of the men and women of our armed forces, than in this magnificent historic Post Office.”
Mgr. Business Mail Entry Percival Prince and Supervisor Lynne Watson-Miyamoto delivered stirring renditions of the National Anthem and God Bless America respectively. Mgr. Halbert Clark delivered both the Invocation and Benediction.  Representatives from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Bronx VA Medical Center Outreach Program also attended.
The Postal Veterans “Hall of Honor Memorial Rotunda” will be a permanent growing exhibition. Future plans include mounting flags denoting every branch of military service arranged in a dramatic circular pattern like the rotunda itself, and installing display cases holding personal mementos donated by the servicemen and women who are veterans.

Bronx VA Medical Outreach Supv. Lynn Johnson  supplies
informational brochures for veterans at event.
Proud military veterans  Mgr. Tony Torres,
Supv. Deborah Hart


Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Relief Information

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has left hundreds of thousands of people in the New York and New Jersey area without power. Many have been displaced and lost their homes. Tragically, some have lost their lives.
As communities in the region begin the process of recovery, the U. S. Postal Service is here to help affected employees, residents and businesses.

Northeast Area Postal employees who have been displaced should call 866-877-7666 for assistance.
For the latest information about their work facilities, Postal employees are advised to call 888-363-7462.
Customers with questions or concerns about their mail should call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

Postal truck delivering mail to downtown NYC in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

Postal employees can also avail themselves of the following resources.

Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF)
The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) offers assistance to active and retired employees affected by natural disasters. Employees or retirees who are victims of a natural disaster and have experienced a significant monetary loss after insurance and other relief assistance should review PERF eligibility criteria and mail a completed application with supporting documentation to:                                                                 
Postal Employees’ Relief Fund
PO Box 7630
Woodbridge, VA 22195-7630

USPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes cause more than physical damage — they disrupt the lives of everyone affected by them. The USPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help employees or members of their families deal with these disruptions. For information or assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call 800-EAP-4-YOU, (800-327-4968). TTY assistance is available at 877-492-7341. Or, go to the EAP website.

Resources for Disaster Assistance Available to Everyone:

  • Federal Aid Programs for State of New York Disaster Recovery (FEMA)- For information on the different federal disaster aid programs providing assistance and application, CLICK HERE. 
  • American Red Cross of Greater New York- If you need shelter or help finding relatives, please contact the American Red Cross of Greater New York at 1-877-733-2767 or CLICK HERE. 
  • Disaster Relief Assistance- CLICK HERE to report damages to your business or home.  
  • Disaster Assistance- To find out what type of disaster assistance you may be eligible for,CLICK HERE. 
  • To report non-emergencies- such as fallen trees call 311, or go online CLICK HERE.     

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

USPS National Emergency Hotline UPDATE!

All USPS New York District employees are advised to return to their assigned stations on Wednesday Oct. 31, 2012 at their scheduled reporting time.

There are exceptions for some employees regarding where to report; so please call 1-888-363-7462 for more details. Make sure you have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.

JAF Letter Carrier John Wallace delivers an Express Mail package the
morning of Oct. 29, 2012. 

District Employees Advised to Call Hotline Frequently

Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on mass transit, roads and infrastructure of the New York metro area, New York District USPS employees are being advised NOT to report to work on Tuesday Oct. 30, 2012.

NYC MTA, Long Island Railroad, Metro North and NJ Transit service suspended

USPS employees should call 1-888-363-7462 frequently for further updates.
Please have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.
Check with your local television and radio stations regarding the status of mass transit, roadways and bridges.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

USPS National Emergency Hotline

Due to the impending approach of Hurricane Sandy  Postal employees should call 1-888-363-7462 to get information about the status of their work facility. Please have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.

As of Sunday afternoon Oct. 28 2012, the NYC MTA will suspend subway service at 7 p.m. and NYC buses at 9 p.m.

NJ Transit suspended service at 4 p.m.

Metro North has suspended service until further notice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carrier Helps Recover MTE

Thanks to Washington Bridge Letter Carrier Pirthi Goel’s conscientious nature, the Postal Service has recovered more than 400 flat tubs worth over $2,000.
“I was delivering mail on my route one day, when I noticed through an open door that there were stacks of tubs piled up in the basement of the house,” recalled Goel. “I told the owner who had just bought the house, that he should make arrangements to return the tubs. Then when I returned to the station, I notified my manager of what I saw, and contacted the Postal Police.”

Letter Carrier Pirthi Goel and Relay Driver Mike Walsh hold recovered MTE in front of Washington Bridge Post Office

Flat tubs recovered from the basement of this home thanks to Letter Carrier
Pirthi Goel's diligence
The Postal Police contacted the U.S. Inspection Service and after they paid a visit to the home, the owner promptly made arrangements with Washington Bridge Relay Driver Mike Walsh to load the MTE in his Postal truck and return everything to the station.
“I have managed Carrier Goel since 2007 and he has always protected USPS property,” said Mgr. Onix Lugo. “If he sees someone misusing our equipment he will inform us. He is a supervisor’s dream Letter Carrier who scans all parcels, scans all MSPs and always does as instructed.”
“I was happy to hear everything was resolved, and the Postal Service got its equipment back,” said Goel. “I want to protect our property. If its one or two buckets, that is one thing, but when you see someone is holding a lot of our equipment, it hurts the company. I think all employees should take action if they see MTE being misused.”
USPS spends millions of dollars every year on mail transportation equipment (MTE) to replenish inventory and make sure customers have what they need to operate their business effectively.
Replacing missing or misused MTE hurts the Postal Service’s bottom line.
Employees are encouraged to report MTE that is being misused, stored unnecessarily, or located outside the Postal network. Send leads and tips to, or call the MTE hotline at

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cathedral Carrier Recognized for 50 Years of Service

Friends and co-workers gathered in the swing room at Cathedral Station to congratulate Letter Carrier Rudolph Griffin for achieving a combined 50 years of federal service––47 of those years being with the U.S. Postal Service.
Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown, Mgr. Human Resources Vanessa Duncan-Smith and District Mgr. William Schnaars presented Griffin with the customary 50 year pin, a thermal lined waist-length jacket, and a beautifully framed piece featuring Griffin’s photo on a sheet of real USPS postage stamps.

L to R: NY PM Robert Brown, DM William Schnaars, Mgr. HR Vanessa Duncan-Smith, Station Mgr. Colin Craigwell honor Letter Carrier Rudolph Griffin (center) for 50 years of service.

Griffin accepts jacket commemorating Million Mile  Safe Driver Award
from PM Robert Brown
Griffin started his Postal career as a mailhandler in 1965 after serving three years and six months with the military. By 1975, he made regular as a full time Letter Carrier at Cooper Station and eventually went to Cathedral Station.
“My secret to my longevity,” he said to the employees who joined him at the celebration, “is getting up early, and getting the job done.”
Cake in the shape of Griffin's Postal truck is centerpiece of  breakfast
Some of Griffins past commendations include; Perfect Attendance, Carrier of the Month and the Million Mile  Safe Driver Award received in  February 2012. He has accumulated 1868 hours of sick leave.
    Griffin, who announced he will   retire at the end of the year, plans to move west and relax in New Mexico. He’s earned it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Santa Sleighs New York

This past weekend, Santa Claus came to town to announce that New York City is so nice; he wanted to unveil the new Santa & Sleigh Forever stamps twice!

First, Santa sleighed into the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers where he joined Olympic Skating Champion Sarah Hughes, USPS Northeast Area VP Rich Uluski and a giddy group of children, ice skaters and future Olympic champions for the First-Day-Of-Issue commemorative stamp ceremony.
“I’m so proud to be on a stamp again,” said Santa to the assembly. “Remember kids; use these stamps when you are writing letters to me about gifts you want this year.”

L to R: Olympic Skater Sarah Hughes, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, USPS NEA VP Rich Uluski, NY1 TV Personality Richard Clark unveil Santa & Sleigh Forever Stamp at the Chelsea Piers' Sky Rink Terrace
When Hughes–– who won an Olympic Gold medal in 2002 and practices at the Sky Rink regularly––stepped up to the podium, she reminisced about how as a young girl, she used to leave cookies and hot chocolate for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. “ I'm very excited that today the Postal Service is honoring Santa with a postage stamp,” she said.
After the ceremony everyone had the opportunity to purchase the new  postage stamps and commemoratives, and was treated to an autograph session, photo-ops and of course, cookies and hot chocolate.

L to R: ASDA Pres. James Lee,  American Philatelic Society 
Pres. Wade E. Saadi, Exec. Director Stamp Services USPS 
Stephen Kearney, NY District Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker, 
Santa Claus at autograph table at the ASDA Postage Stamp Show
(photo: Curtis Jewell)
Later, Santa made his second appearance at the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) National Postage Stamp Show to unveil the Santa & Sleigh Stamp in front of a more discerning, yet just as enthusiastic group of philatelists.
"What better way to announce the new holiday season than by buying these stamps and putting them on all you cards, letters and packages," smiled NY District Marketing Manager Raschelle Parker.


SSAs Evelyn Boyd, Jacqueline Goodwin, and Tiffany Shurman strike
 a pose with Santa & Sleigh Stamp cut-out poster at Chelsea Piers 

Needless to say, the festive Christmas stamps which portray Santa Claus flying through the air in his sleigh, was a huge hit in both camps.
Sales from the four day ASDA Postage Stamp Show and Santa’s appearance at the Chelsea Piers generated more than $32,000 in revenue for the New York District.