Tuesday, October 30, 2012

USPS National Emergency Hotline UPDATE!

All USPS New York District employees are advised to return to their assigned stations on Wednesday Oct. 31, 2012 at their scheduled reporting time.

There are exceptions for some employees regarding where to report; so please call 1-888-363-7462 for more details. Make sure you have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.

JAF Letter Carrier John Wallace delivers an Express Mail package the
morning of Oct. 29, 2012. 

District Employees Advised to Call Hotline Frequently

Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on mass transit, roads and infrastructure of the New York metro area, New York District USPS employees are being advised NOT to report to work on Tuesday Oct. 30, 2012.

NYC MTA, Long Island Railroad, Metro North and NJ Transit service suspended

USPS employees should call 1-888-363-7462 frequently for further updates.
Please have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.
Check with your local television and radio stations regarding the status of mass transit, roadways and bridges.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

USPS National Emergency Hotline

Due to the impending approach of Hurricane Sandy  Postal employees should call 1-888-363-7462 to get information about the status of their work facility. Please have the first three digits of your facility's zip code handy when you call.

As of Sunday afternoon Oct. 28 2012, the NYC MTA will suspend subway service at 7 p.m. and NYC buses at 9 p.m.

NJ Transit suspended service at 4 p.m.

Metro North has suspended service until further notice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carrier Helps Recover MTE

Thanks to Washington Bridge Letter Carrier Pirthi Goel’s conscientious nature, the Postal Service has recovered more than 400 flat tubs worth over $2,000.
“I was delivering mail on my route one day, when I noticed through an open door that there were stacks of tubs piled up in the basement of the house,” recalled Goel. “I told the owner who had just bought the house, that he should make arrangements to return the tubs. Then when I returned to the station, I notified my manager of what I saw, and contacted the Postal Police.”

Letter Carrier Pirthi Goel and Relay Driver Mike Walsh hold recovered MTE in front of Washington Bridge Post Office

Flat tubs recovered from the basement of this home thanks to Letter Carrier
Pirthi Goel's diligence
The Postal Police contacted the U.S. Inspection Service and after they paid a visit to the home, the owner promptly made arrangements with Washington Bridge Relay Driver Mike Walsh to load the MTE in his Postal truck and return everything to the station.
“I have managed Carrier Goel since 2007 and he has always protected USPS property,” said Mgr. Onix Lugo. “If he sees someone misusing our equipment he will inform us. He is a supervisor’s dream Letter Carrier who scans all parcels, scans all MSPs and always does as instructed.”
“I was happy to hear everything was resolved, and the Postal Service got its equipment back,” said Goel. “I want to protect our property. If its one or two buckets, that is one thing, but when you see someone is holding a lot of our equipment, it hurts the company. I think all employees should take action if they see MTE being misused.”
USPS spends millions of dollars every year on mail transportation equipment (MTE) to replenish inventory and make sure customers have what they need to operate their business effectively.
Replacing missing or misused MTE hurts the Postal Service’s bottom line.
Employees are encouraged to report MTE that is being misused, stored unnecessarily, or located outside the Postal network. Send leads and tips to HQMTE@usps.gov, or call the MTE hotline at

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cathedral Carrier Recognized for 50 Years of Service

Friends and co-workers gathered in the swing room at Cathedral Station to congratulate Letter Carrier Rudolph Griffin for achieving a combined 50 years of federal service––47 of those years being with the U.S. Postal Service.
Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown, Mgr. Human Resources Vanessa Duncan-Smith and District Mgr. William Schnaars presented Griffin with the customary 50 year pin, a thermal lined waist-length jacket, and a beautifully framed piece featuring Griffin’s photo on a sheet of real USPS postage stamps.

L to R: NY PM Robert Brown, DM William Schnaars, Mgr. HR Vanessa Duncan-Smith, Station Mgr. Colin Craigwell honor Letter Carrier Rudolph Griffin (center) for 50 years of service.

Griffin accepts jacket commemorating Million Mile  Safe Driver Award
from PM Robert Brown
Griffin started his Postal career as a mailhandler in 1965 after serving three years and six months with the military. By 1975, he made regular as a full time Letter Carrier at Cooper Station and eventually went to Cathedral Station.
“My secret to my longevity,” he said to the employees who joined him at the celebration, “is getting up early, and getting the job done.”
Cake in the shape of Griffin's Postal truck is centerpiece of  breakfast
Some of Griffins past commendations include; Perfect Attendance, Carrier of the Month and the Million Mile  Safe Driver Award received in  February 2012. He has accumulated 1868 hours of sick leave.
    Griffin, who announced he will   retire at the end of the year, plans to move west and relax in New Mexico. He’s earned it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Santa Sleighs New York

This past weekend, Santa Claus came to town to announce that New York City is so nice; he wanted to unveil the new Santa & Sleigh Forever stamps twice!

First, Santa sleighed into the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers where he joined Olympic Skating Champion Sarah Hughes, USPS Northeast Area VP Rich Uluski and a giddy group of children, ice skaters and future Olympic champions for the First-Day-Of-Issue commemorative stamp ceremony.
“I’m so proud to be on a stamp again,” said Santa to the assembly. “Remember kids; use these stamps when you are writing letters to me about gifts you want this year.”

L to R: Olympic Skater Sarah Hughes, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, USPS NEA VP Rich Uluski, NY1 TV Personality Richard Clark unveil Santa & Sleigh Forever Stamp at the Chelsea Piers' Sky Rink Terrace
When Hughes–– who won an Olympic Gold medal in 2002 and practices at the Sky Rink regularly––stepped up to the podium, she reminisced about how as a young girl, she used to leave cookies and hot chocolate for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. “ I'm very excited that today the Postal Service is honoring Santa with a postage stamp,” she said.
After the ceremony everyone had the opportunity to purchase the new  postage stamps and commemoratives, and was treated to an autograph session, photo-ops and of course, cookies and hot chocolate.

L to R: ASDA Pres. James Lee,  American Philatelic Society 
Pres. Wade E. Saadi, Exec. Director Stamp Services USPS 
Stephen Kearney, NY District Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker, 
Santa Claus at autograph table at the ASDA Postage Stamp Show
(photo: Curtis Jewell)
Later, Santa made his second appearance at the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) National Postage Stamp Show to unveil the Santa & Sleigh Stamp in front of a more discerning, yet just as enthusiastic group of philatelists.
"What better way to announce the new holiday season than by buying these stamps and putting them on all you cards, letters and packages," smiled NY District Marketing Manager Raschelle Parker.


SSAs Evelyn Boyd, Jacqueline Goodwin, and Tiffany Shurman strike
 a pose with Santa & Sleigh Stamp cut-out poster at Chelsea Piers 

Needless to say, the festive Christmas stamps which portray Santa Claus flying through the air in his sleigh, was a huge hit in both camps.
Sales from the four day ASDA Postage Stamp Show and Santa’s appearance at the Chelsea Piers generated more than $32,000 in revenue for the New York District.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Holy Family Forever Stamp Debuts in New York

The Holy Family Forever stamp, depicting Joseph leading a donkey carrying Mary and the infant Jesus into Egypt, was unveiled at the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) National Postage Stamp Show in New York City.
L to R: BX PM Elvin Mercado, NY District Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker, Exec. Director Stamp Services USPS Stephen M. Kearney, ASDA Pres. James Lee unveil Holy Family Forever Stamp at ASDA National Postage Stamp show held at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan

SSA Jackie Goodwin, A/Retail Specialist Joe Garace at
the four Day Stamp Show Retail Area
 It was the first of two Christmas stamps the Postal Service unveiled over the weekend to kick-off the holiday season. The Santa and Sleigh stamp was the dedicated at a second ceremony two days after.
“The Holy Family Forever stamp continues the tradition of issuing beautiful and timeless Christmas stamps and will be a treasured addition to cards and letters sent during this season of goodwill and sharing,” said Executive Director Stamp Services Stephen M. Kearney at the ceremony.
Supv. Lynne Watson-Miyamoto directs philatelists

"We're proud that this stamp will decorate millions of greeting cards, letters and packages this year," said NY District Marketing Mgr. Raschelle Parker. "Cards may carry seasonal messages inside, but season's greetings really begin on the outside - with stamps."

SSAs David Worthy, Khadijah Drayton-Bey assisting
Nancy Stahl, a local New York City artist who has created and worked on many stamp designs for the Postal Service in the past, sketched her design of the Holy Family stamp on tracing paper and after scanning it into her computer, digitally airbrushed the colors to evoke a sense of peace, calm and security.
A star shining in the twilight of a desert sky guides the family along their journey.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Do I Vote by Mail?

The Postal Service is expecting more than 25 million ballots to be cast by mail this election season.  Voters are being encouraged to mail their ballots early to make sure they meet delivery deadlines set by election officials. But every state has different rules regarding the “vote by mail” option. Listed below are a few guidelines for New York and New Jersey State voters.

New York law requires voters to provide a reason for choosing to vote by mail.

You may vote by mail/absentee in New York by meeting one of the following criteria:
• unavoidably absent from your county on Election Day
• unable to appear at the polls due to illness or disability
• a patient in a Veterans’ Administration Hospital
• detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury action
• confined in prison after conviction for an offense other than a felony

How do I vote by mail in New York?

Contact your County Board of Elections office. Note: You may become a permanent absentee voter in New York if you are permanently disabled. Indicate your disability on section D of the absentee application.
Your completed absentee ballot application must be mailed to your County Board of Elections office no later than 7 days before the day of the election or personally delivered no later than 5 days before election day. Click on the link for a list of County Board of Elections offices in New York: http://www.elections.ny.gov/

In New Jersey, any voter can now vote by mail in any election. You do not need a reason to Vote by Mail.

A voter may vote by mail by completing the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, and returning the application to their County Clerk.
To receive your ballot by mail, the application must be received by the County Clerk 7 days prior to the election.
A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3 p.m. the day before the election.
The County Clerk cannot accept faxed or emailed copies of an Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, unless you are a Military or Overseas voter, since an original signature is required.

Military personnel, their spouse and family and, citizens living abroad

may vote by mail using the Federal Post Card Application, (FPCA SF-76).
Click the link for information on the Federal Post Card Application: http://www.fvap.gov/

“Mail is an increasingly important part of U.S. elections,” said USPS COO Megan Brennan. “All American voters living overseas, whether civilian or military, have the opportunity to mail their completed ballots back home free of charge using the APO/FPO or by hand-delivering their ballots to the nearest American embassy or consulate.”

USPS also is offering the following tips for voters using mail ballots:
  • Visit state websites to determine election office locations and Vote-by-Mail rules.
  • Check with local election office for rules governing mail ballots.
  • Place completed ballots inside their window envelopes correctly.
  • Ensure proper postage and stamp placement on the upper right-hand corner of envelope.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Vote Here for Your Fave Earthscape

Depicting America’s diverse landscapes on photos taken from ultra lights to satellites, the Earthscapes stamps provide a view of the nation’s diverse landscapes in a whole new way — from heights ranging from several hundred feet above the earth to several hundred miles in space.
The stamps provide an opportunity to see the world in a new way by presenting examples of three categories of earthscapes: natural, agricultural, and urban. 
The photographs were all taken high above the planet’s surface, either snapped by satellites orbiting the Earth or carefully composed by photographers in aircraft.

Each stamp’s unique perspective makes it a window into a world most of us never experience.

In the top row, we fly over America’s stunning wilderness. While a volcanic eruption scars the forests of Washington State, fog drifts over the timeless sandstone towers of Utah’s Monument Valley. In Alaska, a wide stripe that looks like a highway is actually a glacier, an immense conveyer belt of ice. At its base, jagged white shards resembling broken glass are really icebergs, bobbing in a lake.

The stamps in the center row may look like abstract art, but they show five products being gathered, grown, or harvested: salt, timber, grain, cherries, and cranberries. Center-pivot irrigation systems create the beguiling play of geometric shapes in the middle stamp, although bystanders on the ground might see only sprinklers in fields of wheat, alfalfa, corn, and soybeans.

In the bottom row, urban life takes center stage. Highways corkscrew around themselves and neat subdivisions sport tiny blue pools. It’s our familiar world, shrunken into miniature — and seen with the new eyes that a fresh perspective can bring. Art director Howard E. Paine designed this educational and visually rich pane of stamps.

Which earthscape image is your favorite? Celebrate National Stamp Collecting Month and cast your ballot Here


 To learn more about the Earthscape stamps as well as other exciting new stamp releases, go to