Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Canal/Prince Awarded Postmaster's Cup

     Canal/Prince Station has earned the Manhattan Postmasters Cup for Excellence in Retail for posting the highest increase in revenue over SPLY (Same Period Last Year) and the highest scores in Retail Customer Experience (RCE) in Quarter 2.
     Manhattan PM Robert Brown and District Manager William Schnaars presented the Stanley Cup- sized trophy to Canal Manager Juliet Francis-Young and her staff of dedicated retail associates. 
     “We have a fantastic, conscientious team here,” beamed Francis-Young. “They all work together and always make sure they put the customer first. I’m very proud of them and we are honored to accept the Postmaster’s Cup”
     “The Cup has been making the rounds,” smiled Brown. “First it was at Grand Central, and then Whitehall Street won. I’m waiting to see which station can earn it two quarters in a row.”
“That’s not a problem,” answered a smiling Francis-Young. “The Postmaster’s Cup has found a home here at Canal Station.”
Canal Street employees hold up the Manhattan Postmaster 's Cup which was presented by Postmaster Bob Brown (3rd from left) and District Manager Bill Schnaars (4th from left) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Dedicated Dozen

The Sales & Service Associates (SSA) at Radio City Station have been quietly compiling perfect 100 percent scores in Retail Customer Experience (RCE) surveys all year long.
“This is a busy station and it’s difficult to get everyone together to pose for a picture,” said Mgr. Wing Yu. “But once we reached twelve 100 percent scores, we had to recognize the hard work that they perform every day.”
“Our staff epitomizes teamwork,” said Supv. Evelyn Ho. “They love their job and love their customers even more. In fact, people from other neighborhoods come to us because they love our service so much.”

L to R: Standing: SSAs Louisa Lee, Kai-Sze Yeung, Roseann Deleon, Zhi-Ping Yang, Eddie Sharpe Jr, Suzette McNair, Trevor Prescott, A/Supv-Evelyn Ho
L to R: Sitting: SSAs Edeun Chang, Seon Lyeu, Fatima Jackson, Sausi Law.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

45 Years of Service

When General Clerk Frank L. Montero joined the U.S. Post Office Department 45 years ago, the average cost of a new home in the United States was $24,600. A new car cost $2,750, the median household income was $7,143 and tickets to the movies cost a buck twenty.
Since then, homes cost an average of $225,000, cars cost almost $30,000, the average income tops out about $49,000, movies cost about twelve bucks, and Frank Montero is still working for largest shipping agency in the world, now called the U.S. Postal Service.
“Today’s American workers change jobs an average of three times before they reach retirement age,” said Bronx Postmaster Howard E. Sample during a presentation honoring Montero at Williamsbridge Station. “Postal employees however, stay with us. They are loyal, and I think it’s important to recognize them for their enduring dedication to the service.”
“I worked at Bronx GPO almost my entire career,” said Montero, who came to Williamsbridge about a year ago. “I had several jobs and gotten to know so many people.”
Montero mentioned the great Postal worker strike of 1972, the terror attacks of September 11, the anthrax crisis, and even the noticeable decline in First Class mail as some of the events and calamities he has worked through. But he has no regrets. “This job has been good to me,” he said. “I raised four children and six grandchildren with the Post Office. And when I retire to Florida, I’ll have plenty of good memories to take with me.”

Mgr. Halbert Clark, Mgr. Desiree Brown-Stuart, General Clerk Frank L. Montero, BX Postmaster Howard E. Sample at Williamsbridge Station

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peck Slip Carriers Move Out

After more than 60 years of serving the South Street Seaport community and surrounding areas, the Peck Slip Post Office has moved their carrier operations to nearby Church Street Station. In coordination with the Network Consolidation Plan, the building at One Peck Slip was purchased by the NYC Board of Education with the intent of using the site as a public school. So on March 30th 2012, about 48 Letter Carriers went out on their routes from the corner of Peck Slip and Water Street for the last time.
The mood of the employees at the venerable building seemed to run the gamut from excitement and anticipation, to melancholy and reluctance.
“I’m going to miss the ambiance of this place,” said James Gordon, a Letter Carrier with 31 years of memories of Peck Slip. “The cobblestone streets, the Fulton Street Fish Market, the breezy summers––it all brings back fond memories.”
“I’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the years,” added Letter Carrier Vincent Carannati, also with 31 years of service. “The area went from all business to residential. I guess that’s why they need a school now. But I loved my time here.”
At 65,372 sq. foot, the four story building has been home to 79 employees, four retail windows, an inquiry window, a lift-service truck bay and 29 delivery routes. Peck Slip serves more than 12,600 delivery addresses.
“Thanks to JARAP (Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process) Team leader James Puccio and his staff, the move was meticulously planned and it won’t have any impact on our customers,” said Mgr. Paul Sciuto. “The carriers going out today will return to Church Street Station at the end of the day, and starting tomorrow will permanently report to Church Street.”
Retail services will remain at Peck Slip until construction at the new finance facility at John Street is completed­­––estimated to be sometime in June.

“This place will always be special in regards to location and history,” added Supv. Gregory Witherspoon. “Right down the street is the South Street Seaport which hosts great events, activities and views of the harbor. We had some great times here.”
“I’m ready for the change,” said Donald Sims, a Letter Carrier for 38 years. “But I definitely enjoyed my stay here.”
“When I first started here, we had four men on a route,” recalled Joe Salvini, who has worked at Peck Slip for 38 years. “In the mid 70’s we delivered three times a day. As dilapidated as this place is, we’ve been blessed to have worked here. It’s been fun and I never missed a paycheck.”
“This is the only place I’ve ever known,” said 39-year Carrier Clement Moses. “I miss it already.

L to R: Vincent Carannante, Joseph Salvini, Clement Moses depart from Peck Slip Station

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jose Ferrer Stamp

Members of the film and stage community were out in full force at the first day dedication of the Jose Ferrer commemorative stamp hosted at the Players Club in New York City. He is the 14th luminary celebrated in the Postal Service’s Distinguished Americans series.
Actors, directors, family and close friends shared their personal memories and stories of Ferrer, lauded as one of the most accomplished talents of his generation.
Ferrer, who was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City, appeared in more than 60 films, directed numerous films, appeared in singing roles on the opera stage, wrote for theater and television and produced many Broadway and off-Broadway plays.
He won the first Tony award for Best Actor in 1947––the inaugural year for the awards––for playing the lead in the Broadway production of Cyrano de Bergerac. He reprised his stage role for film in 1950, and won the Oscar for best actor (the first for a Hispanic). He remains one of the few actors to ever win a Tony and an Oscar for playing the same character on stage and in film.
“What could be more fitting than dedicating the Ferrer stamp here at the Players, the prestigious New York Actors club where he served as president for more than a decade,” said Mgr. Marketing Raschelle Parker.
Two tables and six retail associates were stationed at the rear of the grand room where Jose Ferrer first day covers, cancellations and other commemoratives were available for purchase. Supv. Special Events Deborah Hart estimates the New York District sold more than $3800 worth of philatelic items in less than three hours.
Families, friends and Postal officials unveil Jose Ferrer stamp at the Players Club in Manhattan April 26, 2012