Monday, August 6, 2012

Safety Specialists

Add Audubon and Colonial to the elite list of New York District Stations whose employees had zero motor vehicle accidents Year-To-Date (YTD) in Fiscal Year 2012.
"Its a tremendous accomplishment on the part of these employees," said Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown who made the presentation at the respective stations. "It takes determination to get through the day when driving in the streets of New York. To do it every day without incurring an accident is truly remarkable."

L to R: Manhattan PM Robert Brown, PTF Tijuana Blanding, Letter Carriers Miriam Rivera, Carlos Ulloa, Maria Rivera, Sherleke Ford, TE Arturo Villanueva, PTF Steve Corcoran, Letter Carriers Leonardo Burgos, Barett Butler, Marc Pierre-Noel, Mgr. Customer Service Mariel Felix, Mgr. CSO Ron Hart

L to R: Letter Carriers Radinawel Cartagena, Orin Alves, Jesus Otero, Earl Lawrence, Susan Herrera, Huston Pigford, Deborah Campbell, Allen Springett, Reginald McKinney, Tak Chan, Tze Chan, Tiana Gonzalez-Leach, NY PM Robert Brown, Carrier Samuel Saltares, Mgr. CSO Ron Hart, Michael Adkins CENTER: Supv. Doreen Parks