Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's No Accident These Letter Carriers are Recognized

           New York Postmaster Robert Brown has been very busy lately visiting the various Manhattan stations whose Letter Carriers are motor vehicle accident free Year-to-Date (YTD) in fiscal year 2012.
"To be able to drive in this city every day without getting into an accident is remarkable," said Brown when he presented the Letter Carriers with a commemorative pen from the New York Safety Office. "Speaking for the Managers, Supervisors and our customers, we are all very proud of them."

Pictured below are the first two stations visited.

Lincolnton Station 10037
L to R: Mgr. Jody Hamm, Letter Carriers Earl Brown, Louis Cosme, Mgr. CSO Ron Hart, Letter Carriers Maly Latimer, Walter Pacheco, Edward Shakes, Telisha Mims, Terence Davis, Manhattan PM Robert Brown (photo credit: Curtis Jewel)
Triborough Station 10035
L to R: NY PM Robert Brown, Letter Carrier Patricia Marshall, Mgr. Richard Thompson, Letter Carriers Roxanne Parker, Aisha Ray-Beverly, Gene Bennett, San Nguyen, Richard Rivera, Jose Nieves, Albert Cruz, CSO Ron Hart