Thursday, January 24, 2013

Latest Tracking Technology Deployed in New York

Pairing IMD scanner to cell phone enables GPS technology
 to transmit near real-time tracking data 

New York is one of only five Districts nationwide to be selected for the initial deployment of the IMD Wireless scanning initiative.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) based program will provide customers with added visibility and near real-time scan information on all track-able products.
“Until now, when a Letter Carrier scanned a package as attempted or delivered, scan information was not available to the customer until the Carrier returned to the office and downloaded their scanner” explained Operations Programs Specialist Khandokar Ali. “With IMD Wireless, scan data will be transmitted wirelessly every 15 minutes to our Product Tracking System (PTS) and will be available on the web while the Carrier is still out on the street.”

IMD Wireless works by pairing the Letter Carrier’s existing IMDAS (Intelligent Mail Data Acquisition System) scanner to a proprietary cell phone via Bluetooth technology. Once paired, the cell phone will be holstered and remain with the Letter Carrier for the rest of the day. When the Letter Carrier scans an item at a delivery point, the IMDAS scanner automatically transfers the data through the cell phone to the Local Intelligent Mail (LIM) Computer, which in turn transmits it to the PTS. The IMDAS scanner features a communications screen to inform the Letter Carrier of the status of the device and gives him/her an option to commence data transfer or postpone it if they are in middle of performing scans.

“It was a simple learning curve,” said James A. Farley Letter Carrier Calvin Kuang. “It’s a good tool that will help keep the Postal Service competitive.” 
Eight sites in New York District have initiated deployment of the IMD Wireless program. They are James A. Farley (10001), Murray Hill (10016), Grand Central (10017), Radio City (10019), Franklin D. Roosevelt (10022), Ansonia (10023), Gracie (10028) and Times Square (10036).
There are 17 more sites in the District and 500 total sites nationwide scheduled to receive IMD Wireless technology in January.
“We saw an eight percent growth in package revenue in 2012,” said Manhattan Postmaster Robert Brown. “This technology will help us further enhance that side of the business and generate more revenue.”